Plainfield Police K9 Memorial

On June 6, 2018, the Plainfield Police Department unveiled the Plainfield Police K9 Memorial. Located in the Riverfront Park, within Electric Park on the West side of the DuPage River, off Lockport Street to the South.

This memorial is located in the same location which was used to train Police and Fire K9s during the 1980s. The large stone incorporated into the memorial is the only piece that is left from the original training grounds.

The memorial currently honors 9 Police and Fire K9s who served the Plainfield community going back to 1977.

Standing in front of the flag pole, at the center of the memorial, is a German Shepherd perched on top of a monument which reads;

“My eyes are your eyes to watch & protect you and yours, my ears are your ears to hear & detect evil minds in the dark, my nose is your nose to scent the invader of your domain, and so you may live, my life is also yours.”

As stated above, this memorial is located along the Riverfront Park, within Electric Park on the West side of the DuPage river off of Lockport Street. This memorial is a not visible from the road, and I believe it deserves much more attention than it receives. There is a small gravel parking lot located at the memorial for parking, and it is a beautiful area with a paved walking path along the river complete with benches. This is an idyllic place to spend some time in the tranquility of nature, and pay respects to the K9s who have served our community.

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