Electric Park – East

Located at 15200 South Vista Lane is a hidden gem of a park in Plainfield, Electric Park. Electric Park as a whole, covers both the West and the East side of the DuPage River, just South of Lockport Street near Downtown Plainfield. This article will focus on the section of the park located on the East side of the DuPage River.

Plainfield Illinois Electric Park along the DuPage river
Looking north from South parking lot.

I will start by saying the park is a little hard to find. There are two entrances, one at the North end of the Park and one at the South end of the Park, but both entrances are a little hidden behind some residential homes, and almost feels like you are pulling into a driveway. Both entrances lead to small parking lots at both ends of the park and are also located at either end of the looped path.

Looking south from the North parking lot.

The looped path totals about 1/4 of a mile, and makes for a great choice for those looking for a quick trip, walk slow, or just want a leisurely relaxing stroll. Along the walking path are multiple benches to take a seat and relax, garbage cans, a shelter with picnic tables, and bicycle racks to lock up to if needed. It is also worth noting, during my visit I noticed 3 benches along the river are In Memory of local residents (Marked by a placard on the benches). Also, along the East side of the park, the path is made of paving stones, and many of these stones are engraved with all types of things, and may be of interest to some.

Even with the beautiful walking path and the amazing trees sprawled throughout the park, my favorite feature is the DuPage River. This park parallels the river with about 600 feet of shoreline in which to relax and enjoy the view, or throw a line in and try your luck at pulling in a fish! There is also a canoe launch / takeout located at the North end of the park. The launch seems a bit steep, but has large flat rocks creating stairs down into the river.

DuPage River looking North.
Canoe / Kayak launch and takeout point.

Overall this park is a clean, beautiful getaway just a few steps from Downtown Plainfield. For those looking for a clean and quiet park, this one definitely fits, as it is extremely rare for this park to be busy, due to the hidden nature of it (This park is usually busier during Downtown events).

The following photos are all the posted park rules and regulations for your consideration.

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