Boy Scout Park

Located next to the Plainfield Park District Recreation & Administration Center at 23729 West Ottawa Street, is another lesser known park within Plainfield, Boy Scout Park.

Pond with paved walking loop.

Boy Scout Park is a nice, clean, and quiet park located very close to Downtown Plainfield. The park consists of a paved walking path loop, which circles a large pond. There is also a wooden pier that goes out over the water from the North side of the pond, and a hill on the East side of the park which is used for sledding in the winter.

Sledding hill to the East.

This park has a large parking lot, as it is located behind the Park District Admin building and shares the same parking lot. It is then a short walk to the back of the building to access the park.

Pond at the center of the park.

The paved walking path consists of an approximately 1/5th of a mile loop around the pond, which makes the entire shoreline of the pond easily accessible for fishing. Also the pier at the North side of the pond makes a fantastic fishing point as well.

Pier which extends over the pond, for relaxing or fishing.

To the East of the pond you will notice a hill which is used for sledding during the winter when there is enough snow on the ground. This park also has a shelter to the East which covers 12 picnic tables, which is available to rent for events. Finally, there is also a playground with drinking fountain located at the Northeast corner of the park near the entrance and the shelter.

Shelter on site available for rental.
Playground on site to the Northeast.

The following images are all signs that I could find which include rules and regulations for the park, for those who are interested.

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