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  • Plainfield Tornado Memorial

    Plainfield Tornado Memorial

    August 28, 1990, a day that changed Plainfield forever, and remains in the memories of those that endured the tragic F5 tornado that ripped through the village. While just a child, the memory and stories of hiding in the central closet of our home as the tornado levelled the entire neighborhood less than a block…

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  • Boy Scout Park

    Boy Scout Park

    Located next to the Plainfield Park District Recreation & Administration Center at 23729 West Ottawa Street, is another lesser known park within Plainfield, Boy Scout Park. Boy Scout Park is a nice, clean, and quiet park located very close to Downtown Plainfield. The park consists of a paved walking path loop, which circles a large…

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  • Copley Nature Park

    Copley Nature Park

    The Copley Nature Park is located at 15425 Joliet Rd in Plainfield, and is part of the much larger Lake Renwick Preserve. For this article, we will just be covering the Copley Nature Park portion of the preserve. Heron Rookery Nature Preserve and Turtle Lake Access will be covered in future posts. If you are…

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  • Electric Park – East

    Electric Park – East

    Located at 15200 South Vista Lane is a hidden gem of a park in Plainfield, Electric Park. Electric Park as a whole, covers both the West and the East side of the DuPage River, just South of Lockport Street near Downtown Plainfield. This article will focus on the section of the park located on the…

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  • Plainfield Police K9 Memorial

    Plainfield Police K9 Memorial

    On June 6, 2018, the Plainfield Police Department unveiled the Plainfield Police K9 Memorial. Located in the Riverfront Park, within Electric Park on the West side of the DuPage River, off Lockport Street to the South. This memorial is located in the same location which was used to train Police and Fire K9s during the…

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  • Fort Beggs Marker

    Fort Beggs Marker

    Located at the corner of Fort Beggs Dr. and S. River Rd. is the Fort Beggs site marker. This marks the spot that Fort Beggs was constructed as a defensive fort against the Native Americans during Plainfield’s very early days, not long after the very first settlers had arrived. What we not consider the fort,…

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